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College Tours

We welcome and conduct tours for parents, carers and students throughout the year. Our tours are a terrific opportunity to see our facilities, view classes in action and ask all your questions. Each tour is led by a member of the principal team and…


Thank you for your interest and consideration of enrolment at Hallam Secondary College. Below you will find information enabling you to apply for a position in our school community. Please read over all of the information carefully. Should you have any…

Key Contacts

The following list is provided to help both students and parents become familar with some important members of staff.

Attendance: The Facts

Student learning is maximised by student attendance at all timetabled classes. The following information has been put together to assist you to understand the importance of attending and arriving on time to all of your classes. Attending each of your…

Bell Times

Our timetable has been designed to provide a range of options for students as the College offers a significant variety of subjects and certificates.


The College School Council requires students enrolled at Hallam Secondary College to follow a dress code. All students are required to wear the correct College uniform to and from the College, at the College and for all College activities unless…


Current Booklists Booklist Year 7 2024 Booklist Year 8 2024 Booklist Year 10 & VCE 2024 All orders to be completed online, please see the relevant pdf for more information and links.

Student Leadership

School Captains, Sub School Captains and their Vice Captains are a vital link between students and staff, providing a representative voice for all students to assist College management with continual improvement of student well being, school processes…

Student Positive Recognition Program

Hallam Senior College acknowledges that student wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility and is a high priority. The recognition of positive effort, achievement and pro social behaviour will enable staff and students to express their gratitude for members o…


Travellers are students from Gleneagles Secondary College or Fountain Gate Secondary College who are undertaking a subject at Hallam Senior College. Students from Hallam are also able to take a subject at Gleneagles or Fountain Gate.

Bus Routes

For public buses it is advised to check for routes 828 and 893 and connecting rail services.

Laptop Program (Including BYOD)

Hallam Secondary College has a Laptop program for students to maximise learning opportunities. The College utilises a variety of computer technologies in the classroom. Students and parents are highly encouraged to participate in one of the Laptop programs…

School Zone

Our school zone is available on, it hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones for 2020 onwards. Students residing in this zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of …