Student Positive Recognition Program

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Hallam Secondary College acknowledges that student wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility and is a high priority.

Social and emotional wellbeing underpin effective student learning and positive behaviour (Victorian Student Engagement Policy Guidelines, 2010).

The recognition of positive effort, achievement and pro social behaviour will enable staff and students to express their gratitude for members of the school community who demonstrate behaviour that is consistent with our college values. This will lead to enhanced wellbeing and thus encourage positive behaviour of members of the school community.

Gratitude is considered to be one of the most reliable methods for increasing happiness and life satisfaction. It boosts feelings of optimism, joy, pleasure and enthusiasm whilst also reducing anxiety and depression and can lead to increased resilience, stronger relationships and increased teacher satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. (

Aim of the positive recognition program

  • Increase student connection with the school community
  • Encourage staff to reflect upon and recognise a student’s strengths and achievements
  • Provide feedback to students and families
  • Increase positive school climate and culture through an emphasis on positive behaviours
  • Promote the development of ‘gratitude’ as a source of wellbeing for members of the school community

All students deserve the opportunity to achieve success and gain positive recognition in the following three areas;
Effort, Quality of work and Positive Relationships.