Year 10 Overview

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The Year 10 curriculum provides opportunities for all students to experience new options while at the same time undertaking core requirements that provide a solid foundation for students to move into the VCE.

A clear and detailed pathway is developed for each student as they progress from Year 10 to Year 11 and then Year 12. In August all Year 10 students participate in an extensive careers program and counselling to choose units of study as part of their pathway plan for the senior years. Year 10 students are supported in making this transition to senior school by a full and rigorous interview and program selection program.

Year 10 students will make selections of electives that provide them with the opportunity to experience a broad range of subject areas before they enter Year 11. All Year 10 students will select a VCE subject. This will allow them to experience what it is like to study an VCE course as well as giving them an additional two units to contribute to the completion of their Year 12 certificate.

The core curriculum for Year 10 students gives all learners an opportunity to have a broad range of learning experiences. The elective program allows students to select subjects based on personal interests and passions.

Each Year 10 student will undertake the following core units:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Health and P.E

Each Year 10 student will choose electives in the following way:

Centre of Excellence
students will select
Non-Centre of Excellence
students will select
Workshop/Training/Rehearsal 1 and 2
2 electives from any area
4 electives from any area

For more information about our Year 10 subjects please read our 2024 Senior Pathways Program Handbook