CAPA Curriculum

In designing a student’s program careful attention is paid to ensuring that students select from a variety of subjects and specialist areas including the particular artistic field they are interested in. While the artistic specialist areas are an integral part of a student’s program we need to ensure that pathways options are maintained to best suit the individual student.

Hallam Senior College is a very large provider of subjects at years 10, 11 and 12. Across Year 10, VCE, VCAL and VET students will be able to access a range of options from the Creative and Performing Arts Academy.

In the Centre of Excellence: CAPA, the majority of students undertake training and rehearsal commitment usually on a Wednesday afternoon. In addition the weekly program, students will partake in the refinement and development of skills across the variety of domains and develop community links. Students specifically in the Year 10 program will participate in lessons that cover a range of domains other than their speciality.

What else does the course offer me?

Students are provided with high performance coaching experience with an external coach for each specialty. In these coaching sessions, students are taught technique, composition and will refine the skills required to perform at an elite level.

  • Technique: Students are given the opportunity of regular training sessions that will focus on refining technique and building new skills in specialty.
  • Composition: Students will take part is lessons that focus on developing the skills to create, choreograph or compose work in their chosen field.
  • Competitions: Students will be given the opportunity to participate in competitions in their specialities such as, Wakakirri and Schools on Stage
  • Performances: Students will be participating in a performance within their speciality each term. This could be competitive or showcase of the skills learnt in the program.
  • Syllabus Completion: Students will be provided with links to external studios to complete syllabus training if they are perusing the career in teaching.

General aims of the program for each specialty are to:

  • Develop advanced skills, knowledge and understanding of a particular domain
  • Provide students with a portfolio that displays their abilities and growth in their field.
  • Promote and enhance self discipline, goal setting, time management and leadership through teams and individual pursuits
  • Increase the employability skills of students connected to the sports and recreation industry.