Key Contacts

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People you should know in 2024

The following list is provided to help both students and parents become familiar with some important members of staff.

Principal Class
Executive Principal: Simon Sherlock

Assistant Principals:
– Jamie Fardell
– Shelley Haughey
– Rebecca Allen (Acting)

Business Manager: Sue Quinn

Engagement & Wellbeing
Junior Years Engagement Leading Teacher (Yrs 7&8): Andrew Reading
Middle Years Engagement Leading Teacher (Yr 10): Lachlan Moss
Senior Years Engagement Leading Teacher (Yrs 11&12): Natasha Duff (Acting)

Year Level Coordinators
Year 7: Jack O’Shea
Year 8: TBC (Please contact Andrew Reading for any enquiries)
Year 10: Helana Corrigan
Year 11: Janan Billings
Year 12: Avrinder Sharma

Attendance & Student Liaison
Junior Years Student Liaison Officer (Yrs 7&8): Deb Crew
Middle Years Student Liaison Officer (Yr 10): Pania Brown
Senior Student Liaison Officer (Yrs 11&12): Jade Oliver Rutherford

Sports Academy
Director: Jason Patton
Australian Rules Football (Girls): Brett Alexander
Australian Rules Football (Boys): TBC
Basketball: Chloe Pratsis
Netball: Kate Morris
Rugby League: Janan Billings