Student Exhibitions

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2021 Studio Arts Graduates

The students in Studio Arts explored a wide range of themes throughout their final year in the art room.

The individual ideas communicated within their artworks were Culture, Fashion, Architecture, Fear as an Emotion, Racism and Terrorism, and Body Issues, Gender Equality and Diversity.

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2020 Year 12 End of Year Graduate Exhibition

We have an excellent Gallery space at Hallam Senior College, however due to COVID restrictions we are unable to hold our end of year graduate exhibition.

This virtual exhibition is a chance for some of our students to showcase their talents. Year 12 students’ work from VET Visual Arts, VET Screen & Media, VET Music and VCE Studio Arts are included in this virtual exhibition.

It allows friends, parents, guardians, teachers and fellow students a chance to see the fabulous work that our students have produced in their final year of their secondary schooling.

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2020 Year 10 & 11 Art Exhibition

The Hallam SSC Visual Art staff are pleased to present a selection of artworks from Year 10 Art, Year 10 Photography, Year 11 Studio Art, Year11 VET Screen and Media and Year 11 VET Visual Art.

Due to covid restrictions we were unable to hold our usual exhibition opening for parents to attend so this year we will be having an online Virtual exhibition. We hope you enjoy looking at the great Art our students have produced.

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