Year 7 Camp 2023

March 24, 2023
Year 7 Camp 2023

Year 7 had an amazing two nights at Camp Rumbug in East Gippsland. It was an adventure filled experience, with activities everyday, some of which challenged the students and focused on building their communication and teamworking skills.

As soon as we arrived students were taken for a hike so that they could become familiar with the camp.

We all quickly learned that Camp Rumbug was going to involve a lot of walking up and down hills.

After lunch it was straight into Aeroball and Orienteering. After dinner it was team building activities and then bed at 9:30 (most students tried to get some sleep!).

Day 2 began with students completing a ‘mud run’ which saw all students climbing over obstacles, a number of students got literally covered in mud from head to toe!

Other activities included raft building, archery and the mighty flying fox. Students had to move out their comfort zones and take risks to complete the tasks they had been given!

Day 2 finished with a hearty dinner of chicken schnitzel and singing around the camp fire. Day 3 started with another hike to the Giant Swing and then canoeing.

The coach was very quiet on the way home – everyone was happy but totally exhausted……